Champion of Champions Gala Show 2015


13.12.Champion of Champions Gala Show judged by Luis Manuel Calado Catalan, Send Lovenkjaer, George Schogol: Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" Champion of Champions Veteran 5-6. Congrats and thanks to breeder Anne Moilanen!

Terrier Speciality Show in Riga, Latvia

12.12.Terrier Speciality Show in Riga judged by V-P Kumppumäki from Finland: Truozzy`s Hand in Hand "Missy" BOB veteran, Club Winner15, BOB and Best In Show Veteran, Armirelli Double Scotch "Johnny" BOS, Club Winner 15. 10 month old Armirelli Image Braker "Betti" - very good with good critiques, but needs more time to mature. Armirelli Hot Date "Janis" very good.

Betti and Missy



07.11.2015 All breed CAC Show in Kaunas, Lithuania. Judged by Elzbieta Chwalibog (Poland).
Armirelli Ever So Cute „Tralla“ BOB CAC LTCH BALTCH Group 3!
Armirelli Goodfella „Terru“ BOS CAC
Armirelli Image Braker „Betti“ JBOB JCAC
Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ VBOB VCAC LTVCH BALTVCH
ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder and BIS 2 Breeder
07.11.2015 CACIB Show in Tartu. Judge Astrid Lundova.
Armirelli Hot Date „Janis“ JBOB BOS, shown by owner Ingrid Sats. Thank you and congratulationa!
Thank you to the judges and co-owners Kristiina, Livia, Ingrid. Tanks to Margot for travel company and help in the ring.



CACIB Show in Tartu, judge Irene Gomez Gonzales (Spain)
Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ BOB CACIB
Armirelli Image Braker „Betti“ JBOB JCAC
Armirelli Goodfella“Terru“ BM3
Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ VBOB

Thank you to the judge and co-owners Rita, Livia, Kristiina!

03.10.2015 Speciality Show in Riga, Latvia

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" VetCAC LVvetCH BOB BIS1vet BIS4!
Armirelli Goodfella "Terru" CAC BOS Owner Ingrid Reiljan
Armirelli Mirror Image "Mirro" BOB puppy, BIS Puppu3!
Armirelli Image Braker "Betti" very promising puppy 2, co-owner Livia Jakobson...
Thank you to the judges Astrid Lundova ja Helen Tonkson, to Margot for helping in the ring and to Ivi Triin for photos! Congratulations to owners, co-owners and Missy`s Breeder Anne Moilanen!

27.09.2015 National Show in Tallinn

Armirelli Hot Date "Janis" (Temora`s Adventure In Reval x Fastlove`s Amazing Adventure) 16 months old JCAC BOBJunior and BOB. She  got the last junior CAC and became ESTJCH. Owned and handlered by Ingrid Sats. Congratulations and thank you!

Palju õnne ja aitäh sulle, Ingrid!

12.-13.09.15 Dracula Shows in Romania

Armirelli Double Scotsh "Johnny" CAC x 3 CACIB x 2 RCH RGCH BOB x 1 BOS x 2 Club Winner
Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" JCAC x 2 CACIB x 1 RJCH ClubJWinner
Armirelli Ever So Cute "Tralla" CAC x 3 CACIB x 1 BOBx1 RCH Club Winner.
Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" VetCAC x 3 BOB vet x 3 BOB x 2 RVetCH Club Winner

06.09. Terrier Group Show in Paide

Armirelli Mirror Image „Mirro“ BOB puppy and BIS 1 puppy!
Armirelli Hot Date“Janis“ JCAC BOB junior
Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ BOB and BIS 3!
Armirelli Goodfella „Terru“ BOS
Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOB veteran and BIS 1 veteran!
Armirelli BOB Breeder and Best In Show Breeder!
Great thank you to judge Siret Lepassaar. Lot of thanks to co-owners, owners and handlers Ingrid, Rita, Ingrid and Margot. Photos by Margot Oder

29.-30.08. Terrier Speciality and CACIB show in Bialystok, Poland

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" Best Veteran x 2, BOB x 2, BIS 4 veteran! PLVetCH. Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" BOBJunior x 2, PLJCH. Armirelli Goodfella "Terru" CAC, BOS. Armirelli In Good Hands "Henna" CAC. Speciality judge Rony Doedijns NL, BIS judge Anna Cwiecekova SK, CACIB judge Nikola Smolic HR. Thank you to the judges, owners and co-owners, to Ingrid and Alar for company and handling! Greetings to Missy`s breeder Anne Moilanen!


22.08. "Baltic Winner 2015" show in Tallinn

Armirelli Mirror Image "Mirro" Best Puppy, Special Prize
Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" JBOB BaltJWinner15
Armirelli Hot Date "Janis" ex, jun2
Armirelli Ever So Cute "Tralla" CACIB BOS Balt Winner15
Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" ex, Vet2
Thank you to judge Zoia Oleinikova. Great thanks to all my co-owners, owners and helpers.  Aitäh Rita, Ingrid, Kristiina!

Photo Rita Annus

23.08. "BaltTer Winner 2015" in Tallinn

Armirelli Image Braker "Betti" BOB Pyppy, Special Prize
Armirelli Hot Date "Janis" JCAC BaltJTerW2015, owner Ingrid Sats
Armirelli Ever So Cute "Tralla" BaltTerW2015 BOS
Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" BaltTerVetWinner2015 BIS 3 Veteran!
Armirelli In Good Hands "Henna" ex, int cl 1 BF2
Armirelli Goodfella "Terru" BM3
Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" ex, jun cl 2.
Thank you to judges Frantisek Polehna and Zsuzsanna Petik! Great thanks and congratulations to co-owners, owners and helpers in the ring and outside! Aitäh Rita, Ingrid, Kristiina ja Ingrid!




 21.08.2015 kl 17.00-20.00 spordiklubi „KOERUS“ ruumides aadressil Laki 25, Tallinn

   Kursust viib läbi tuntud aussikasvataja, koolitaja ja kohtunik KIRSI OLA Soomest  

 Registreerimine e-mailil: Osavõtumaks 16 eur, ETÜ liikmetele 8 eur

   Tehtud! Trimmikoolitus on edukalt läbitud. Thank you, Kirsi, it was aa excellent course!


04.-05.07.CACIB show in Pärnu and CAC show in Tuusula

05.07.International all breed show in Pärnu: Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" BOB veteran and BOB, EST VetCH. In veterans BIS-ring was shortlisted to 9 best all breed veterans (judge Alar Müürisepp)! Hugs to breeder Anne Moilanen! Armirelli Double Scotch "Johnny" CACIB, BOS and International Champion! Congratulations to co-owner Kristiina. Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" Best Junior and BF2. Great thank you to judge Tijana Konrad (Serbia). Photos by Margot and thanks for handling.

04.05. TUUSULA CAC show: Johnny Res-CAC, Tralla Res-CAC, Tuuli junior 1 - very good.   Missy Vet 2-  very good. Judge Donna Conod (Canada)

29.-30.06. weekend in Riga, Luige and Pärnu

30.06.Latvian Winner 2015 in Riga:
Armirelli Ever So Cute "Tralla" CACIB, BOS, LVW15, our new International Champion! Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" JCAC LVJCH LVJW15 Armirelli Goodfella "Terru"  BM2, Res-CACIB. Thank you judge LIM Aramis Joey from Australia. Thank you to Ingrid for helping and handling. Photos by Margot.

29.06.National Show in Luige: our baby-puppies Armirelli Brand Image "Nipi" and Armirelli Image Braker "Betti" got very promising critiques from judge Espen Engh (Norway) and Nipi was best of breed baby. Thanks to co-owners Margot and Livia!  The same day our agility aussies did well in Pärnu, congrats to Henna, Nora, Rufus and  to Stefi and Keiu!

12.-13.06.15 WDS speciality and WORLD DOG SHOW in Milan, Italy

12.06. Speciality show under German judge Grüttner Hans-Erhard: Armirelli Ever So Cute "Tralla" CAC, Armirelli In Good Hands "Henna" res-CAC, Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" exellent 1 junior.

13.06. WDS under judge Kuplyauskas Evgeny from Russia: Henna excellent junior 2, Tuuli excellent junior 3, Tralla open class 1. Photos by Rita Annus.


06.06.15 III-group show in Maardu

Armirelli In Good Hannds "Henna" BOB and BOB-junior, shown by Rita Annus,  judge Brigita Kremser. Thank you!
Armirelli Mirror Image "Mirro" in the very first show at age 4 months BOB baby and BIS 3 baby! Photo by Margot Oder

Estonian Terrier Club "Top Terrier 2014"

Suur-suur tänu kõigile Aussi-omanikele, kaasomanikele, händleritele,  kaasaelajatele ja abilistele selle vahva tulemuse saavutamisel.

02.05. Rakvere National all breed Show.

 Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" JCAC JBOB and a new ESTJCH. Our beautiful Tralla is back in ring 3,5 months after a litter - Armirelli Ever So Cute CAC BOB and a new ESTCH under Finnish judge Tarmo Viirtelä, thank you to the judge and co-owner Kristiina Rauts-Nõmmik.

01.05. Terrier Agility EMV

 Mini/midi AG-0 class winner Rufus ( Armirelli Funny Or Fact) and debutant winner was Foxy ( Armirelli Good Idea) - congratulations to owners Riata Annus, Viivi-Anne Soots and thank you to coach Tiina Jürjo.

01.05.Speciality Show in Riga

Armirelli In Good Hands "Henna" CAC, BOB, Club Winner15 under judge Hans van den Berg (Netherlands). Armirelli Too Hot To Handle VG.


18.04.2015 Narva CAC Show

Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" JCAC BOBJ  BB2 Judge Jurate Butkiene (Lithuania)



10.04.2015 Tallinn Winner Show 2015" in Tallinn

 This time entered only my junior bitch Armirelli Too Hot To Handel "Tuuli" 10 months old, she was BOS junior and BOS, TLNJW15 and TLNW15!. It was her first show in official class. Thank you judge Sergii Slukin.

07.03 Lithuanian Winner 2015 in Vilnius

Armirelli Goodfella "Terru" BOB JBOB LTJW15 LTJCH BALTJCH
Armirelli In Good Hands "Henna" JBOS LTJW13 LTJCG BALTJCH
Temora`s Adventure In Reval "Mirelli" BOS CAC CACIB LTW15 LTCH C.I.B! Warm greetings to breeder  to USA! Judge Johannes Schepers (Netherlands). Great thank you to the judge, to owners and travel companions. Photos Margot Oder.



15.02.15 CACIB Show in Tallin

We got 2 new ESTJCH, LVJCH TlnWCJW15! Thank you to all my team: Rita, Ingrid, Maria, Kristiina, Margot!


14.-15-02.2015 Terrier Speciality and CACIB Shows in Tallinn

Armirelli Too Hot To Handle "Tuuli" BOB Puppy x 2, BIS 2 Puppy, the Best Born In Estonia Terrier Puppy!
Armirelli Hot Toddy "Sven" BOS Puppy
Armirelli In Good Hands "Henna" BOB junior x 2, ESTJCH, BIS 3 Junior, the Best Born In Estonia Junior Terrier!

Armirelli Goodfella"Terru" BOS Junior x 2, JCAC x 2, ESTJCH!
ARMIRELLI Breeder Class 2!

ARMIRELLI Progeny Class (Armirelli About Truth) 1 and BIS 1 Progeny Class (About Truth, Double Scotch, In Good Hands, Goodfella)!
Really happy about the result. Great tahnk you to judges Heinz Watschinger (Austria), Gerard Cox (Ireland), George Schogol. Lots of thanks to owners/handlers Maria, Rita, Ingrid, Kristiina, Katariina, Margot!


23.-24.01.2015 Lithuanian CACIB SHOWS IN KAUNAS

Armirelli Funny Business "Wiuhti" got her first CACIB and LT CAC,  was BB2, judge Gerard Cox from Ireland. She repeated teh same result the next day too! Congratulations to owners Anne Moilanen and Anna Riutta-Salo.  Photo Anna Riutta-Salo




Estonian Aussies winter trip. 9 brave Aussies ( age from 8 months up to almost 8 years) passed 10 kilometres in wet snow. Weather was not the best, but in great company we had a lot of fun. Thanks to organizers and to all participants!

    AUSSIDE TALVEMATK 18.01.2015  kl 10.30 Jussi loodusrada

Olete kõik oodatud ausside talvematkale Jussi loodusrajale. Olenevalt ilmast ja lumeoludest on võimalik läbida kogu rada või osa sellest. Kaasa tuleb võtta koer, soe jook, natuke näksimist endale või ka sõbrale.
Kohale tulemise õpetus ja raja tutvustus on siin:


Rohkem infot saab Maria või minu käest.


                HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!        HEAD UUT AASTAT!


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